SO here we have some design choices for your perusal:


In keeping with the Batman sound effect drawings Ive come up with a few variations on the theme.

From Top left to bottom right 1, 2, 3, and 4



So what youre looking at here are different ways to write BAM.  Different effects to imply action, explosion, movement.  Any one of the options could be combined with other elements, soon to be shown, or could stand alone.

Heres some examples of the aforementioned different elements:


BAMO03Youve got some clouds, some dynamic lines, and stars.  



BAMO01A graphic, angular description of an explosion, where I would recommend offsetting colors distinguishing the shapes, perhaps red and yellow, along the lines of:

batman_dark_tomorrow_powAnother option:


BAMO02The word BAM, with a shadow, and a clean graphic shape behind it

And then there’s:


BAMO04More in a comic book style, more of an emphasis on explosion, possibly more in the vein of something you’d see from Roy Lichtenstein

G or Jack Kirby



And always remember that mixing and matching might be the way to go as well, taking a shadow effect and mixing it with the clouds idea, Always a possibility!


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